ARA Institute 2018
Sept. 23-25, 2018
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Catherine Palmer
Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel
Pittsburgh, PA






Mission Statement

The primary purpose of ARA is to promote excellence in hearing care through the provision of comprehensive rehabilitative and habilitative services.

About ARA: The Best Kept Secret in Audiology

Why is AR important?
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Reduced heHaring aid return rate
  • Better rapport with patients
  • Increased referrals to friends from satisfied patients
  • Greater patient ability to manage hearing difficulties
  • Improved patient quality of life
  • Patient self-empowerment

AR Evidence-Based Practice References

What are the Benefits of ARA membership?

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If you have questions for the ARA President, Claire Bernstein, please email her at claire.bernstein@gallaudet.edu. If you want further information about the ARA or have questions for other members of the board, email us at ara@audrehab.org.


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