Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology
2009 ARA Institute Program
Bettendorf, IA

Wednesday, September 9
7:00-10:00pm Opening reception
Thursday, September 10
8:15-9:45am Keynote Speaker
Mark Ross: "Best Practices" and the Future of Audiology
9:45-10:20am Podium Presentation
Sherri Smith and Kathleen Pichora-Fuller: Listening Self-Efficacy of Older Adults with Hearing Loss
10:20-10:40am Morning Break
10:40-11:15am Research Presentation
Jan Moore, Brandon Vaughn, Cezanne McLoughlin:
Long-term Growth and Deceleration of Speech Accuracy Following Cochlear Implantation
11:15am-12:00pm Panel Presentation
Patricia Kricos, Robert Sweetow, John Greer Clark, and Theresa Chisolm: Ida Institute Experiences and Insights: The Patient's Journey
12:00-12:35pm Podium Presentation
Carol Cokely and Joe Montano: Facilitating Motivational Engagement: a Line, a Box and a Circle
12:45-1:45pm Lunch on your own
1:45-2:20pm Research Presentation
Alice Holmes, Lee Krause, Rahul Shrivastav, Hannah Siburt, and Kevin Still: Speech-Based Optimization of Hearing Devices
2:20-2:55pm Research Presentation
Gabrielle Saunders, Dana Gladd, Jeanette Richardson, and Rita Silen: Noise in a VA Hospital
2:55- 3:30pm Podium Presentation
Tonya Dornback, Sarah Barnes, Annie Cardella, and Linda Thibodeau:
The Benefits of Parent-Teen Interaction at a Group Rehabilitation Retreat
3:30-3:45pm Break
3:45-4:20pm Podium Presentation
Annie Cardella, Jennifer Alford, Tonya Dornback, and Linda Thibodeau: Auditory Habilitation Games and Activities for Teens with Hearing Loss
4:20-4:55pm Podium Presentation
Jessica Sullivan and Linda Thibodeau.: Development of a Computer-Based Auditory Training in Noise Program for Children with Hearing Loss
5:00-6:00pm Silent Auction & Manufacturer's Forum with Wine and Cheese
Friday, September 11
8:15-9:45am Keynote Speaker
Sam Trychin: Living Effectively with Hearing Loss: Necessary Attitude and Behavior Alterations
9:45-10:20am Research Presentation
Sarah Hargus Ferguson: What Makes Vowels Clear for Normal-Hearing and Hearing-Impaired Listeners
10:20-10:35am Morning Break
10:35-11:10am Oyer Award Presentation
Presenter: Ariane Laplante-Levesque, University of Queensland, Australia: Shared Decision Marking in Rehabilitative Audiology
11:10-11:45am Research Presentation
Kathleen Cienkowski and Caitlin Rivet: Objective and Subjective Measures of Intelligibility in Cochlear Implant Listeners
11:45am-12:20pm Podium Presentation
Jan Moore: Working More Effectively with Families from Linguistically and Ethnically Diverse Backgrounds
12:20-1:45pm ARA Business Lunch
1:45-2:20pm Research Presentation
Yori Kanekama and David Downs: Effects of Speechreading and Signal-to-Noise Ratio on Understanding Mainstream American English by American and Indian Adults
2:20-2:55pm Research Presentation
Heena Peshwani, Annie Cardella, Carol Cokely and Marey Carey: Employers and Employees: Maximizing Potential of Workers with Hearing Loss
2:55-3:30pm Research Presentation
Sheila Pratt: Acoustic Changes in Children's Speech Production with Changes in Hearing Aid Technology
3:30-4:05pm Podium Presentation
Hannah Siburt: Speech Based Optimization of Cochlear Implants - A Case Study
4:05-4:40pm Research Presentation
Nichole Morris, David Downs, and Alex Chaparro: Development of a Low-Dias, Self-Monitored Live-Voice Technique for Measuring Speechreading Performance
4:40pm Closing Remarks

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