The purpose of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology is to promote excellence in hearing care through the provision of rehabilitative and habilitative services.

Why Join ARA?

  • Share the company of those who are passionate about audiologic rehabilitation.

  • Access our international journal online, The Journal of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology (JARA).

  • Download AR tools and tips from our journal, website and newsletter.

  • Learn the latest about best practices in AR by attending the annual conference and receiving the newsletter.

  • Receive the ARA directory; contacts with similar interests at your fingertips.

  • Students can apply for the research scholarship, the Herbert J. Oyer Award Scholarship (link to Oyer Application packet 3_3.doc) and learn about other student AR opportunities (Link to Student Page – info to follow)

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Responsibilities and Privileges of Membership in the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology

  • Persons in all membership categories are entitled to attend and participate in meetings, receive Academy publications, and serve on committees.

  • The right to hold office or chair committees is reserved to those Members who have maintained their membership in good standing for at least two years.

  • Maintaining membership in good standing requires payment of dues or attainment of Life Member status.

  • An individual whose membership has lapsed can make a re-application for membership by writing to the Executive Board. Each re-application for membership will be considered on an individual basis. The Executive Board will determine the procedure and fees for reinstatement into the Academy on an individual basis.

Membership Benefits

Members receive the ARA Newsletter, as well as the Journal of the Academy of Rehabilitative
Audiology and any published monographs.

Members enjoy reduced registration fees to the ARA Summer Institute, a three-day meeting
held during the second week of June. The Summer Institute is a unique opportunity to participate in intensive sessions focused on topics relevant to rehabilitative audiology in a casual and collegial atmosphere. Sessions include round table discussions, workshops, technical papers, and poster sessions. The Summer Institute is held at resorts that feature a wide range of recreational facilities. A different geographic area in the US or Canada is selected each year. Attendees are welcome to bring family members including small children.

Pre-conference workshops (for which members pay reduced registration) are often sponsored jointly with other groups such as ASHA’s SID 7 (Aural Rehabilitation and Its Instrumentation). ARA also hosts receptions at other conventions so members can socialize.

Members are encouraged to submit papers for publication in the Journal of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology and to share their clinical and research experiences with other members at the Summer Institute. ARA’s newsletter, The Pinnacle, provides a forum for sharing information with others on a more regular basis. Members can also serve on ARA’s standing committees which include:

  • Program Committee: Responsible for planning programs of interest to the membership at all meetings of the Academy.

  • Time and Place Committee: Responsible for making recommendations to the Executive Board concerning sites and dates of future meetings of the membership.

  • Finance Committee: Responsible for preparing a budget for upcoming fiscal year, determining policies concerning reimbursements, serving as liaison with the Academy’s management firm, and identifying additional sources of revenue.

  • Public Advocacy Committee: Responsible for monitoring proposed public policy changes that may affect the rehabilitative and habilitative components of hearing care and for mobilizing the membership and consumers to advocate for public policy that positively impacts upon the rehabilitative components of hearing care.

  • Nominating Committee: Responsible for preparing a slate of candidates for each office.

  • Membership Committee: Responsible for evaluating applications for membership, for disseminating an annual membership roster, and for maintaining an active recruitment program.

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